Muhammad Dahlan's efforts

Gaza receives 25,000 COVID19 vaccines from UAE by Dahlan efforts

UAE sends the third batch of covid19 vaccine

UAE sends the third batch of covid19 vaccine

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The National Islamic Committee for Development and Social Solidarity (Takaful) has received on Thursday a batch of COVID-19 vaccine, with the support of the United Arab Emirates and Representative Muhammad Dahlan's efforts to face coronavirus, and to support medical institutions by providing the vaccine to complete the vaccination campaign in the sector.




The National Committee "Solidarity" held a press conference at the Rafah crossing to receive the batch of vaccines provided by the sisterly United Arab Emirates to the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.





Member of the Board of Trustees of the Islamic National Committee for Development and Social Solidarity ,Ashraf Jumaa, said during the vaccine reception conference, "With the tireless efforts of Representative Muhammad Dahlan and of the UAE support, the third batch of COVID-19 vaccines was received, estimated at 25,000 vaccines to continue the vaccination campaign in the Gaza Strip."




Juma'a thanked the sisterly UAE state and MP Muhammad Dahlan for the efforts and the ongoing support in order to confront the Coronavirus, and support Ministry of Health in Gaza.




 Leader in Hamas ,Ghazi Hamad, welcomed the UAE and MP Mohammed Dahlan support. Adding that this is not the first time he has received a support for the Ministry of Health.




Hamad clarified that the assistance provided, vaccines and equipment contributed to support the Ministry of Health during the Coronavirus pandemic. 




UAE continues to support the Palestinian people to face the Coronavirus since the start of the pandemic, the number of vaccines has reached 340,000.