Eman is a nurse who challenges Coronavirus to do her duty in Gaza Hospitals

Eman is a nurse who challenges Coronavirus to do her duty in Gaza Hospitals
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Gaza Post

Nurses are angels of Mercy; they were created to help the child patients and adults.

Despite the sudden circumstances that may be exposed, they have to do their duties.

Eman, one of these angels who sacrifices herself to save others during the Coronavirus monster in the Gaza Strip, she succeeded to be the mother and the nurse at the same time.  

Eman Ata_Allha is a thirties woman, and she lives in the northern of Gaza Strip. She is a mother of five children who is a nurse at Al_Ranteesi Specialist hospital.


Eman wakes every morning, leaving her children to go on foot to her work since 2008  until now despite COVID_19 breaking out and the COVID_19 infections of her friends at work. 

Eman tells the Gaza Post News correspondent that “when I return home, I run away from my kids in order not to put them in danger. “

She speaks anxiously, “working in a dangerous environment will increase the Coronavirus  incidence infection possibility.”

‘I treat the patients' children carefully as my kids. We just receive the emergency cases, who maybe die if they do not take their treatment due to cancer disease that they have. 

So they need the chemotherapy or transfusion to be alive .we contact them before coming to the hospital to take the precautions'  measures. 

After they arrive at the hospital, we began to sterilize them completely, help them to wear the mask and the medical gown. 

Then we divide the treatment times to avoid the Overstock of patients. We take care of social distancing among them during their therapy, and we emphasize the precaution's measures in all steps of treatment till they leave the hospital’.

On the other hand, the patients who do not have to come to the hospital because it is sufficient to treat them over the phone by giving them instructions on the treatment's methods after sending it to them.

 I donate to contact with patients personally, and  I  Listen to their consultation and complaints. Then, I advise them what they will do? After getting the specialist doctor for each consultation’.

“As a result of the increase in COVID_19 infections, I feel terrified and anxious all the time. The Hamas-run Ministry of Health announced on Saturday in a press statement that ‘ the total cumulative of Coronavirus since the last march is 2313 cases.

So, hospitals are considered as a straightforward place for infection's spread. Besides, some of the medical's staff I work with are infected with the virus. 

I cannot be absent or just stay at home because it is my duty. Eman added, “It is a trust that God has blessed me with, so I must come to stand instead of my colleagues, who cannot attend because of the curfew in the strip. Who will help the patients and children if we do not  cooperate?”

Eman used to work under emergency conditions, so she worked in frequent wars on the Gaza Strip and invasions; she also worked as a volunteer whose only concern is to help people. Still, this time the situation is deferent due to COVID_19.

Eman At-Allah sent her message to Al_ Ranteesi hospital's patients “ Due to their weak immunity, I recommend them to take their precautions, commit their homes, sterilize permanently, keep the spacing as much as possible and not to mix with others .”

Eman added,” We as medical staff, we ready to help all the patients as long as we can. We will deliver medicines and provide consultations to reduce their visit to the hospital under the current circumstances.”

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