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Hanady Halawany the most dangerous woman in jerusalem according to Israeli occupation

Hanady Halawany the most dangerous woman in jerusalem according to Israeli occupation
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Dohaa Mohammed- Gaza post 
"The unusual woman and the most dangerous
" the Israeli officer gave her this name ,due to her strength ,daring and mightiness .

5em">Hanady Halawany, 40 years old , from Jerusalem , a mother for three children , shegrew up loving the homeland and adoring Al_Aqsa mosque , she grew up with her grandmother's dream that she liked to hear her when she read the Qur'an in the Al_Aqsa mosque when she was seven , she saw all kind of oppression ,and barbarism of the occupation ,so that her devotion to her homeland was growing , and her haterd for the occupation.

Her grandmother's dream came a true after thirty years when she become a teacher at Al_Aqsa mosque in 2011 to start a new war with Israeli occupation.

She always reminded people of their entitlement at Al_Aqsa mosque , exhorted them not to leave it to the zionests , and they must always gather there because it is for Palestinians. As a result , the Israeli occupation arrested her more than 60 times ,beat her , assulated her ,insulted her in obscene terms ,and stormed her house tenth of times with destroying her properties ,but all thidid not stop her ,and did not prevent her from performing her duty ,so the occupation punished her by deporting her from Al_Aqsa mosque ,the deportationdecisions were one after the others , to be the most difficult punishment for her .

Hanady could not stand idly by so she decided to travel to convey the message of Al_Aqsa mosque to the world ,she travelled to Turkey ,Jordan ,Kuwait , Bahrain , Indonesia ,and East Asia ,but she returned home ,theoccupation prevented her from travellingagain.

Despite all the dimensions and prevention decision she did not stop and she decided to make AlMaqlopa at the gates of Al_Aqsa mosque , which is a Palestinian food with many Palestinians Murabitat , she started doing this since 2015 which was considered the most provocative work for the occupation , so they accused her of inciting people to make AlMaqlopa at Al_Aqsa mosque .To be her Maqloupa a symbol of victory andchallenge against the occupation decisions

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