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Hamas and Fatah to Netanyahu: "Our wallet is not blame," and it will lose, just as Sharon lost and retreated

Hamas and Fatah to Netanyahu: "Our wallet is not blame," and it will lose, just as Sharon lost and retreated
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 Gaza post

The "Fatah" and "Hamas" movements held a joint press conference in which members of the Fatah Central Committee, Major General Gabriel Rajoub, and the deputy head of the Hamas political office abroad, Saleh al-Arouri, participated.

Al-Arouri said: "The current situation is similar to Sharon's storming of Al-Aqsa in 2000 when he wanted to impose an insult on us, but our people responded with all its components by setting up the glorious Al-Aqsa Intifada in which we presented martyrs and prisoners, and we presented our senior leaders as martyrs.


Al-Arouri added that our people in the territories of the 48 are facing a battle of the same gravity and perhaps more intense racism of the Zionist enemy by passing the law of nationalism and imposing facts against the original Palestinians, and there is a fierce battle they are all waging in Palestine and abroad.

Al-Arouri pointed out that if the entity was able to pass the issue of annexation at any percentage of the West Bank, it would mean that the annexation series will continue and the criterion in it is that the West Bank in relation to the entity is part of its strategic field and there is the entity who sees that the West Bank is an integral part of the entity in the event of occupation On the Jordan Valley, Jerusalem and others, his appetite will open to more annexation.

Al-Arouri pointed out that there are 3 million Palestinians in the West Bank who will be a thorn in the throat of occupation and may resort to its old policies by displacing our people under killing, expulsion and families. Addressing the issue of population.

And Al-Arouri indicated that there are ministers and members of the Knesset and Cabanet of the occupation who talked about scenarios that either these regions witness wars or a collective movement like Syria and others and the residents are deported and are ready to seize the West Bank they are taking this risk a fascist entity, racist and criminal.

Al-Arouri revealed attempts to restrict the security of the population, to treat the Palestinians as second-class citizens, and to displace the population by opening capitals and countries in front of them, and what necessitates confronting this scheme with full force.


On his part, a member of the Central Committee of the Fatah movement, Major General Gabriel Rajoub, said that the reaction of our people showed that there was a national consensus for his rejection of this American-Israeli conspiracy, affirming "what happened in the cities of the West Bank and Gaza and culminating in the movement that took place in some countries showed that the Palestinians won their cause and everyone He spoke in one language and under one flag, which is the flag of Palestine. "

Al-Rajoub noted that our people want a fully sovereign Palestinian state over all the Palestinian territories occupied in 1967 and Jerusalem as its capital and the solution of the refugee issue in accordance with international legitimacy decisions, adding that “the regional position did not deal in any way with the annexation scheme and we hope from our Arab and Islamic depth that Respects the decisions of the summits relating to non-normalization with the occupation. "

He explained, "Rajoub" that our people "began to resist a peaceful popular recruiting for all Palestinians and called on them all so that our battle will be united under one misleading, considering that the decision to annex would mean declaring war on the Palestinians and ending the state project."

Al-Rajoub revealed that a festival and conference will be organized in Ramallah soon, and Hamas will participate in it with an international presence, especially since there is unanimity from all Palestinians regarding the Arab peace initiative.

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