Different pandemic threat

More blatant Israeli violations while coronavirus time

Israeli soldiers arresting a palestinian child

Israeli soldiers arresting a palestinian child

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Gaza Post-Hassan Isdodi


Palestinian people are facing a different pandemic threat. while the world is busy with fighting Coronavirus pandemic, the Israeli occupation continues his violations against the Palestinians. Traffic cameras have caught Israeli soldiers spitting on Palestinians' cars at night while breaching villages in the West Bank.


Israel has made 207 violations and arrested dozens of Palestinians in the West Bank and Jerusalem since the pandemic outbreak. Furthermore, Israel has demolished and took over health quarantine spots in the West Bank which slows down the Palestinian care measures against the pandemic. 


Also, more than 7500 Israelis have been tested positive for coronavirus including dozens of Israeli soldiers, which may increase the spread of the virus among the Palestinians. Accordingly, the question now is not when will the virus end? rather it has become when will the occupation virus end? 


Source: SDF