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Care measures for someone with COVID-19 at home.

Coronavirus: medical mask

Coronavirus: medical mask

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Gaza Post-Hassan Isdodi 


Patients with mild coronavirus symptoms - such as a new continuous cough or a high temperature above 37.8C -should self-isolate at home for at least seven days, according to the latest advice issued by Public Health England.

So how should you look after someone in your home who gets coronavirus? here are three measures you should take when caring for someone who has it.


The first measure is that you should think about what they need? Someone with coronavirus symptoms needs rest, nutritious food and regularly drink water. Paracetamol can help lower a fever. But if symptoms get worse and don't go away after a week, then contact your health service. 

The second measure is isolating their area. One with coronavirus should stay isolated at home for the next seven days. Ideally, they should have a special place and food should be left outside their room. If you have to stay in the same room, keep two meters away and if possible wear a medical mask. But don't touch it, and throw it away when you leave the room.

The third measure is keeping everything around you clean. Everything you touch could be infected. So frequently clean things like the door handle and don't share dirty laundries because that could spread the virus. You can exercise outdoors but keep two meters from everyone else. Remember: you can only take care of someone if you are well. Part of their care is your care.


source: BBC