coronavirus myths: scientific facts revealed

coronavirus myths: scientific facts revealed

Coronavirus myths and facts.

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By: Hassan Isdodi
As long as we are staying in this condition for a long time, it’s really important to separate facts from fiction. And here are some of the Coronavirus myths that you should be aware of:

    “ Lemon juice protects you from COVID-19”. This is one of the most talked-about myths among individuals. There have been plenty of claims of things to drink and eat to prevent coronavirus. 

To be clear lemon juice is not bad for you. All fruits and vegetables are essential for your immune system. But surely they don’t stop you from getting infected with this complex virus.

    “mosquito bites can infect you with the virus”.

We all know they can get other diseases from mosquitos bites but there is no evidence that the little brutes can infect you with coronavirus. 

We should remember that this is a respiratory virus which means that the best way to protect yourself is social distancing and wearing masks while being outdoors.

    “Blood donations can get you a free test”. Some people are hoping that they can get a free coronavirus test if they donate blood. This is not the case as the last thing staff who run blood banks want is sick people coming in. Nor, of course, you can get the virus from blood donations.

Accordingly, the best advice for you now is to stay healthy while scientists work towards medical breakthroughs.  This is the time for prudence, not panic.  Science, not stigma. Facts, not fear.

Source: BBC 

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