Ghost 19 "among Palestinian prisoners"

Ghost 19 "among Palestinian prisoners"
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Gaza Post-Eman Tallouli

220 years, 78 years, 150 years, 45 years, 20 years.. These are not numbers of life cycles. They are numbers of humans' feelings, emotions, experiences. Numbers of missing to beloved, numbers of willing to freedom, numbers of desire for life. These are numbers of Palestinians' imprisonment sentences unjustly.

More than 5000 Palestinian prisoners among them 900 patients, including women and children who are facing unknown fate in Israeli jails, on charges of defending their land. Meanwhile, Israeli occupation government continues to detain the bodies of more than 200 hundred Palestinian martyrs as a punishment for their families. Extremely inhumane!!

According to prisoner club, 56 Palestinians spent more than 20 years in detention, some since the 1980s, while 570 prisoners are subjected to life imprisonment.

At a time when the world's children enjoy their rights and freedoms, about 200 Palestinian children are in the Israeli prisons where Israeli occupation obliterated their dreams and deprived them of their most basic rights to life. Israeli officers practice all types and forms of violence towards these children some of whom have not even completed their sixteenth years old yet. Merciless they are being treated as adults.

Palestinian prisoners were subjected to various types of torture and health neglect over years. While the world is facing the Corona epidemic with all possibilities, and while all precautionary measures are being taken to fight this invisible ghost all over the world, approximately 5000 Palestinian prisoners are living under the most inhumane, unhealthy and difficult conditions that you could ever imagine. These conditions lead prisoners to live with fear of being infected somehow.

Well, these fears are no longer mere possibilities, but rather became a reality threatening thousands of Palestinian prisoners. On March 11, Prisoners and Detainees Affair reported that Ashkelon prison administration isolated 19 prisoners after discovering that an Israeli psychiatrist was infected with the Corona virus, without taking any preventive steps to provide cleaning materials and sterilizers in sufficient quantities.

Under the frightening circumstances which prisoners fear, the Israeli Prison Administration announced 4 cases of Corona virus among Palestinian prisoners of "Megiddo" prison. Meanwhile, The Hebrew Channel reported on its website that the four prisoners met together with another prisoner who was under investigation at the Petah Tikva Investigation Center, and the infection was transmitted by an Israeli investigator.

Fears are increasing to record more infections among prisoners especially those who suffer from immune deficiency and various diseases including cancer, kidney and heart diseases which reach 700 cases.

The Prisoners Club affirmed that the prisoners are now facing the risk of infection from the jailers and investigators who pose a danger to their fate before the spread of the virus, and renewed its call to all the competent human rights bodies to intervene to protect the Palestinian prisoners from infection with the virus, and as a minimum provide sterilization materials and necessary preventive measures imposed by the World Health Organization.

These prisoners have the right to stay safe and healthy. They are human beings seeking to meet their beloved someday after all these years they were being forced to leave their homes and families forcibly.

Crisis of this universe will not stop unless justice prevails among humans.


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