Israeli forces remove two Palestinian houses from the occupied West Bank

destroyed by the Israeli occupation

destroyed by the Israeli occupation

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Gaza Post


The houses of two Palestinian prisoners, Walid Hanatsheh and Yazan Mughamis, have been destroyed by the Israeli occupation.


The reason for dismantling their houses was that the Palestinian prisoners were accused of killing an Israeli citizen and injured another in an attack in the West Bank last year. In fact, they are currently facing a trial.

Witnesses told local media that armed Israeli vehicles stormed into the town of Birzeit on Thursday, cordoned off the area surrounding Mughamis's house before tearing it down.


Israeli forces used jackhammers to demolish the walls of Hanatsheh's apartment in Ramallah.


During the demolition, dozens of Palestinians confronted armed Israeli soldiers. According to local media reports, Palestinians burned tires and threw stones in a bid to halt the demolition. 




 Source: Aljazeera