Iran was ready to strike at Israel

Iranian threatens after an Israeli airstrike on Syria

Iranian threatens after an Israeli airstrike on Syria

Israeli airstrike on Syria

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Gaza Post


Iran had threatened Israel with a tough response due to an Israeli airstrikes at Damascus International Airport killed three Syrian military and four Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, in the Syrian capital, Iranian news agency reported.



Referring to Israel shelled at Damascus airport several hours after the arrival of an important cargo from Tehran. It is assumed that on board the Boeing 747 were not only components for missiles and other military technologies, but also the new commander of the special forces of the IRGC Esmail Kaani.




Iranian Major General Mohsen Rezai said in an interview on Saturday that any aggressive actions by Washington against Tehran could be a reason for a strike against Israel.




This Wednesday, February 12, Iranian Foreign Minister Abbas Mousavi said that Iran’s response will make anyone who regrets Tehran’s interests in Syria regret its aggression.


February 13, Major General Hussein Salami said the Islamic Republic of Iran was ready to strike at Israel.


Source: BulgarianMilitary

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