Hamas chief says movement ready to join Palestinian elections

Hamas chief says movement ready to join Palestinian elections


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Gaza Post


Chief of Islamic Hamas movement in Gaza Yehia Sinwar said on Monday that his movement is ready to join the Palestinian elections in the Palestinian territories.


   Meanwhile, Hamas leaders informed on Monday representatives of the Central Elections Commission (CEC) and leaders of the Palestinian factions that the movement is ready for holding the elections in the Palestinian Territories.


   Sinwar told reporters after a meeting with a CEC delegation, headed by Hanna Nasser at Sinwar’s office in Gaza City that Hamas is ready for joining the elections. Leaders of Palestinian factions also attended the meeting.


   “We were and we still in favor of our people’s choices. We are always ready for the elections and we will turn the elections a tool that corrects strategic tracks in our people’s history,” he said.


   Hazem Qassam, Hamas spokesman in Gaza said in a press statement that accepting the elections for Hamas comes in the frame of the national consensus and in harmony with the national and social interests.


   However, Hamas leaders’ remarks on elections affirm its acceptance to holding the elections in principle only, but didn’t include a clear and specific acceptance to President Mahmoud Abbas calls for holding the legislative elections within 3 months.


   Hamas leaders still call for holding the general elections as one package, including presidential, legislative in the Palestinian territories and also for the Palestinian National Council (PNC), or the parliament in exile. 

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