Turkish Invasion

Abbas opponent slams Turkish invasion into northern Syria

Abbas opponent slams Turkish invasion into northern Syria

Mohammad Dahlan

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Gaza Post/Abu Dhabi

   Leader of the Democratic Reform Stream in the Palestinian Fatah movement, Mohammad Dahlan, slammed on Thursday the military Turkish invasion into northern Syria.

   Dahlan, also an opponent to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, said in an emailed press statement “With the most powerful words, we condemn the Turkish military invasion of the brotherly Arab land of Syria under false pretexts.”

   “This invasion unveils the greedy regime of Erdogan to cut off parts of the Syrian territories as if his invading herds are an Islamic army that is going to liberate occupied Jerusalem.

   Dahlan’s remarks made in comment to the Turkish invasion into northern Syria are the first Palestinian reaction that opposed it. Neither Abbas nor Islamic Hamas movement had made any comment to the Turkish war against Syria.

   “The Turkish invasion is a series in a long episode added to the endless Turkish attacks against Iraq and Syria, and an attempt to intervene into the internal affairs of the Arab states, mainly Egypt,” said Dahlan.

   Egypt has earlier called for holding an emergency meeting of the Arab League Foreign Ministers on Saturday “to discuss this serious aggression, stop the invasion and keep the unity, the safety and the independence of Syria,” according to Dahlan.  

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