Trump denies economic stagnation

  Trump denies economic stagnation


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While appearing for thirty minutes in front of the camera in New Jersey,  Donald Trump and his chief exchange consultants demanded on Sunday the US isn't confronting a stagnation which markets show up to fear and which might demonstrate exorbitant at the surveys following year.

On the other hand, He stressed his supportive positions on trade, the economy, gun control, and international relations.


Trump claims that his arrangement of exchange war with China is working instead of bouncing back on US customers and trade, saying Beijing “wants to come to the arranging table".

I don’t see a recession,” Trump said, preparing to fly to Washington. “We’re doing tremendously well. Our consumers are tremendously rich. They’re loaded up with the money. Walmart is through the roof. We’re not going to have a recession – the world is in a recession right now".


Competitors including Germany, the European Union and the UK and “a lot of countries are not doing as well like we’re doing”, he said, adding again his contention that “the world is in a recession right now".

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