Eid al - Adha 2019

Eid al - Adha 2019 in Algeria

Eid al - Adha 2019 in Algeria

Eid in Algeria

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Gaza Post/Gaza


Muslims in  Algeria are preparing to receive Eid al-Adha and receive Arafah as they prepare to buy the sacrifice for slaughter after fasting on Arafah.

Dr. Mohamed Gharib, Sun Research Professor at the National Institute of Astronomical Research, confirmed that the day of Arafah will be on Saturday 10 August and Sunday, August 11, will be the first day of the feast.

There are many manifestations of Eid al-Adha celebration in all countries and all meet on the feeling of joy and pleasure, especially for pilgrims who perform the rituals of Hajj, and there are also many manifestations of the celebration of Eid sacrifice slaughter.

Muslims around the world are waiting for the 1440 Eid al-Adha to celebrate it, as it is due to be explored by Dar al-Ifta Hilal the month of Dhul-Hijjah soon.

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