Golden tips for dermatitis

Golden tips for dermatitis


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What causes this inflammation and how can it be treated?


According to the German journal "Eltern", dermatitis, also known as diuretic rash, is an inflammation caused by the warm and moist environment inside the diaper, where the barrier of natural protection of the skin is weak.

Some factors raise the risk of inflammation such as diarrhea or delay in diaper change.

The symptoms of inflammation are redness of the skin and swelling and the appearance of blisters and scars in the stomach and the genitals and thigh, and may extend symptoms to appear on the back or lower abdomen.

To counter dermatitis, Eltern advises using ointments containing Himalayas extract, which works to treat inflammation and help heal wounds.

To prevent dermatitis, the diaper should be changed regularly, when filled, so that urine and stool will not cause skin irritation from the base. For the same purpose, the skin should be dried well.

It may also be useful to change the brand of diapers used or to use cloth diapers, which have a gentle effect on the skin.

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