"Into the wild"

"Into the wild" causes a tragic end to a bride

"Into the wild" causes a tragic end to a bride
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The bus curse which was famous for the American film "To the Wild," adapted from a true story of the American traveler Christopher McCandless, was haunted by the fate of a new Belarusian bride who died in the US state of Alaska while she and her husband took the adventure of their dreams.


A 24-year-old Belarusian bride, Veramica Mekamava, suffered a tragic end on her journey to the top of the abandoned Tekelanica River. Her husband, Piotr Markilov, was able to cross the river first and his wife managed to reach the center before falling with streams vast waters, despite he tried to help her and pull her away from the water, she died.


Experts said that the river has been linked to a number of recent incidents with the arrival of some tourists to visit the famous bus, because of the coolness of water and speed of flow.

Today, the public transport bus of the city of Fairbanks has been turned into a site frequented by tourists, like Christopher, whose body was found after starving on the bus, where he spent more than 100 days on his journey.

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