Israel effectively destroyed, annulled all signed agreements: Official

Israel effectively destroyed, annulled all signed agreements: Official


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Gaza Post/Gaza


  A senior Palestinian official accused Israel on Sunday that it has effectively destroyed and annulled all the agreements it signed with Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).


   Saeb Erekat, the PLO Executive Committee Secretary General, told two American delegations, representing churches and universities, in two separate meetings that Israel “is trying to impose new references to consolidate its occupation.”


   He said in a press statement after the two meetings held in Ramallah that “Israel is acting on replacing the principle of the two-state solution on 1967 border and accept the principle of keeping the occupation and legalize the Apartheid.


   According to the press statement, Erekat presented to the two delegations an in-depth detailed explanation on the situation in the Palestinian territories “due to the ongoing crimes of the occupation, mainly the demolition of homes.”


   “The cleansing policies, the confiscation of land, the field killing, the siege, the denial of all the signed agreements and the insistence on imposing occupation facts on the ground, are all backed by the American Administration,” said Erekat.


   He stressed that the PLO is committed to the international resolutions and law, sticks to the Arab Peace Initiative and to the vision of President Mahmoud Abbas to find a new international mechanism to sponsor the peace process.


   The Israeli authorities demolished last week 12 constructions that include 27 apartments in the neighborhood of Sur Baher southeast Jerusalem, where the action had sparked a large outrage among the Palestinians.


   In response, President Abbas announced on Thursday following a meeting for the Palestinian leadership that the Palestinians intend not to abide by the peace agreements that were signed with Israel

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