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“Israel's practices undermine any chance of achieving peace on the basis of a two-state solution”: Official

“Israel's practices undermine any chance of achieving peace on the basis of a two-state solution”: Official

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Gaza Post/Gaza


    Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Affairs of Palestinian Expatriates warned on Sunday of Israel's practices consequences and the danger of colonial projects in undermining any chance of achieving peace based on the two-state solution.


     The Ministry confirmed in  statement that the international community silence on Israel’s disregard of international law and the coup against the signed agreements take away the role of the United Nations.


      The Ministry called on the UN Security Council to act swiftly and fulfill its obligations to the Palestinian people to ensure that Israel and its armed settlement militias are restrained, and to protect the remaining credibility of United Nations institutions through the implementation of UN resolutions.



 Palestinian Foreign Affairs Ministry also renewed its call on the International Criminal Court to immediately open an official investigation into "Israel's crimes and hold Israeli officials involved."


     The Ministry considered Israel's continued violations of the Palestinians rights including land robbery and sanctities, a part of the occupation war, which is open to the national and just rights of Palestinians and continuous attempts to resolve its political future unilaterally under American auspices.


      In its statement, the Ministry also accused Israel of perpetuating an oppressive racist regime in occupied Palestine, deepening occupation and colonization, and dealing with the Palestinian cause as a population problem away from its international and political legal and humanitarian essence.


    On Monday, Israeli authorities demolished 12 residential buildings with dozens of apartments in the town of Sur Baher, southeast of Jerusalem, sparking widespread Palestinian and international criticism.


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