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Social crises due to Israeli siege on Gaza: Palestinian Businessman Association revealed

        Social crises due to Israeli siege on Gaza: Palestinian Businessman Association revealed

Palestinian Businessmen Association in Gaza

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Gaza Post/Gaza

Palestinian Businessmen Association in the Gaza Strip warned on Saturday of the unprecedented collapse among economic sectors due to the continuous Israeli siege on Gaza as well as warning of the Palestinian division.


          Head of PBA, Ali al Hayek, warned in a statement of the liquidity crisis and lack of the population purchasing power which has reached its proximity to zero, especially with the approach of Eid al-Adha ceremony and the beginning of the new study school year.


        Al Hayek expressed his concern of social crises and unexpected financial losses of traders and businessmen in Gaza, as a result of the absence of international and official interventions to reduce the crushing of  economic crises in the strip.


        He called on international organizations to put pressure on the Israeli side to end the siege, open all commercial crossings and introduce the various needs of the Gaza Strip, especially construction materials to save the Gaza Strip from the state of “clinical death” as he said.


      Israel has imposed a tight siege on the Gaza Strip, since mid-2007, whereas this situation casts negative impact on the economic and living conditions in Gaza.

         Meanwhile, the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) confirmed in its report on the occasion of World Labor Day in early May that the unemployment rate in Gaza has reached 52%.

          According to the report, 83% of the population live below the poverty line due to the deterioration of political and economic conditions in addition to the Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip.


     The average daily income per capita is $ 2, which is considered as the worst in the world.

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