Bird eggs hatching at the same time

That's why bird eggs hatch at the same time

That's why bird eggs hatch at the same time

Bird eggs

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Chicken chicks seem to communicate with each other, even before hatching, through a previously unknown route, "vibration".

Scientists from Spain, in the journal Ecological and Evolution, learned from the birds of the Mediterranean gulls that they did not hatch eggs for warning sounds issued by adult seagulls to warn their enemies.

Two experts commenting on the study, published in the same journal, described the research as "a fascinating study" that would change the current view of bird embryos, primarily. After the experts considered the chicks to be isolated and silent individuals, these embryos were found to be well aware of what was going on in the environment in which they lived.

Before the study, it was known that before the egg hatching, the avian embryos are aware of some excitatory stimuli from the outside, such as the calls, in addition to making calls. The chicks in their eggs can, through these calls, coordinate the hatching time between them .

But this study, conducted by researchers Jose Nuguera and Alberto Vidalo of the University of Vigo, Spain, suggests that the experts concerned did not give the type of prenatal communication and its importance.

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