The division of territories agreed upon with Israel is no longer in place : Official

The division of territories agreed upon with Israel is no longer in place : Official

Mohammed Ashtiyeh

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Gaza Post/Gaza

Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammed Ashtiyeh said on Thursday that the division of territories agreed upon with Israel was no longer in place because Israel did not respect them.


    Ashtiyeh met with ambassadors and consuls to the Palestinian Authority in his office in Ramallah, and said in a statement that the division of areas A, B and C, which was agreed with Israel, no longer exists because Israel clearly violated these agreements.



    Ashtiyeh in his statement pointed out that the Palestinian leadership headed by President Mahmoud Abbas will hold an important meeting tonight to take effective steps in response to Israel's demolition of Palestinian homes in the Homs Valley in Jerusalem, which is classified as area" A " which is under the Palestinian control.


   In the same context, he warned Israel of demolishing homes in the West Bank areas, as happened in Wadi al-Homs in case no international position is taken with the recent Israeli actions.



     Meanwhile, Ashtiyeh reviewed a number of solutions his government has put in place to deal with the financial crisis caused by Israel's financial war to meet its obligations, and considered these solutions as to be temporary at time that the only solution is for Israel to immediately release the funds it holds.

     Meantime, the Palestinian Authority faces a severe financial crisis since Israel's decision last February to deduct funds from Palestinian taxes, under the pretext of the Authority's financial dues to the families of Palestinian prisoners and those who died in Israeli prisons.


     However, West Bank and East Jerusalem are divided according to the Oslo Interim Peace Agreement signed between Israel and the PLO in 1993 into three areas, (A) which is under full Palestinian control, (B) which is under Israeli and Palestinian security control, and area (C) under Israeli Security Administration control.

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