Smart clothes connect your electronic devices to the Internet

Smart clothes connect your electronic devices to the Internet


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Wearable devices, such as smart watches and sensors that monitor your heart rate, have gained popularity in recent years, but researchers in Singapore seem to be taking wearable technology to a whole new level.

With the rapid advancement of wearable technology and the growing sophistication of the data it transmits, the need for a more seamless and efficient way to connect these devices - especially for those who use more than one instrument at the same time - is becoming more and more important.

According to researchers from the National University of Singapore, new smart clothes can transform wearers into a human connecting plate, effectively enhancing the communication between wearable devices.

The research team, led by assistant professor John Ho of the Institute of Innovation and Technology (NUS), revealed an "intelligent" fabric that could transmit radio waves such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on the clothing surface.

The gray fabric is described as a "conductive material" that creates a network of wireless sensors, allowing devices to transmit data with a 1,000 times more powerful signal than traditional techniques, according to Business Insider.


Professor Hu and his team designed this tissue to confine signals between near-body sensors rather than leaving them in the surrounding space, allowing for increased contact strength.

The material - made of stainless steel fibers - comes in the form of strips connected to the outer surface of the clothes by embroidery or adhesive texture, while the inner side contains conductive segments.

As such, more energy is transferred from the signal between the devices and the body instead of the radiation in all directions, allowing devices worn near these segments to use much less energy than usual and able to detect much weaker signals.

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