"Stupid phones"

"Stupid phones" dominate markets

"Stupid phones" dominate markets


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Gaza Post/Gaza

Experts predict a strong return to traditional phones in most parts of the world in the near future.

With millions of Internet users connected to India and Africa, "stupid phones" - as opposed to increasingly sophisticated smartphones - have found a thriving new market in many countries around the world.

These devices which do not have great features, similar to the old Motorola and Nokia mobile phones, are particularly common because of their low prices - some sold for $ 25 - and their use for Internet access.

Although these devices do not offer the same tasks as their larger, more expensive smartphones, they offer users some benefits, in addition to basic text messages and calls, according to the British Daily Mail.

These phones have a longer battery life, and often run through a physical keyboard instead of the touch screen, making it easier to use technology among people unfamiliar with smartphones.

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