Ethnic cleasning

Hamas: What happens in Jerusalem is ethnic cleansing

Hamas: What happens in Jerusalem is ethnic cleansing

Palestinian homes being demolished by Israeli occupation forces

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Gaza Post - Jerusalem

Hamas movement the ruling party in the besieged Gaza Strip described on Monday the Israeli demolition of more than a hundred Palestinian homes in occupied Jerusalem as ethnic cleansing.

In a press release, Hamas spokesman Hazim Qasim said: “The increasing Israeli crimes against Palestinians in the holy city is a result of the endless American support for the racist behavior of the Israeli occupation.

He added: “The American support for the Israeli occupation encouraged it to carry out more crimes against the Palestinians, mainly after the Bahrain economic workshop, whose consequences we had warned about.”

Qasim continued: “All the racist Israeli crimes and policies will never stop the resistance of the Palestinians against the colonial Zionist enterprise which has been targeting the Palestinian people and their land.”

The Hamas spokesman stressed that the “comprehensive” resistance is the “only way” to end the Israeli occupation.

Israeli demolition of the Palestinian homes in Jerusalem’s neighborhood of Sur Baher was widely condemned by regional and international powers, in addition to rights groups.

In a statement released yesterday, the UN said: “We are following with sadness today the Israeli authorities’ destruction of homes in the Palestinian community of Sur Bahir.”

“Among those forcibly displaced or otherwise impacted are Palestine refugees, some of whom today are facing the reality of the second displacement in living memory.”

Adding: “Israel’s policy of destroying Palestinian property is not compatible with its obligations under international humanitarian law.”


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