A Palestinian died in Turkey under mysterious circumstances

A Palestinian died in Turkey under mysterious circumstances

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Gaza Post/Gaza


Palestinian sources announced that Yousef Nafez Abu Ziada’s  body who was killed in Turkey was found after the announcement of him disappearing since last Sunday.


Fayed Mustafa, Palestinian ambassador to Turkey, said on Tuesday that the body of the young man, Youssef Nafez Abu Zayada, was found dead inside his home in Turkish.

Mustafa stressed that the embassy is following this file and is in contact with the Cypriot authorities, pointing out that it is now trying to complete the necessary procedures to bury the body.

Mustafa pointed out that the family expressed a strong desire to dissect his body; to find out the cause of death, and that the embassy in turn contacts with the Cypriot side to meet the family’s request.

The ambassador denied that there were details about the crime, pointing out that the case is under follow-up between the Palestinian embassy and the competent Cypriot authorities to determine the causes of death and open an investigation into the incident.

It is noteworthy thatYusuf Abu Ziada is not the first to be killed in the Turkey.

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