Technique reveals depression of tone voice

Technique reveals depression of tone voice
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Gaza Post/Gaza

Researchers at the University of Alberta, Canada, said it is now possible to use artificial intelligence techniques to determine a person's depression by analyzing the tone of his voice during conversation.

Researchers Maschura Tasnem and Elena Strollia have developed a new technique based on many algorithms of artificial learning mechanisms to identify depression more accurately by analyzing sound tones, based on a set of standards for sound recordings for periods of 5 to 50 minutes.

"The ultimate goal of this study is to develop useful electronic applications based on this technology," said Strollia, a technology expert.

According to Strollia that the actual scenario for using this technology is to use an electronic application to collect voice samples of people who speak normally whereas the application downloaded on smart phones will be able to monitor any changes in tone, based on recordings stored in its database.

Just as there are applications to measure the effort on the phone, you will have an application to measure your degree of depression based on the tone of your voice while talking on the phone.

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