Turkey stripping Syrian refugees to force them to leave

Turkey stripping Syrian refugees to force them to leave

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Gaza Post/Gaza


The state of Istanbul has asked Syrian refugees living in the city who have temporary protection cards issued by other states to correct their situation by returning to their original place of residence by August 20.

The state said in a statement on Monday that "522,381 foreigners are currently residing in Istanbul under official residence cards.

The statement added that the Syrian refugees residing in the city under the temporary protection cards amount to 547, 479.

According to the statement, the total number of foreigners residing in Istanbul is 1 million 69,860.

The statement stressed Turkey's continued fight against "irregular migration" and the authorities "deporting persons who entered the country illegally".

"The Syrians who are not subjected to the Temporary Protection Law (without restriction or residency) will be transferred to other states to be determined by instructions from the Ministry of Interior, and the new registration for temporary protection in Istanbul has been closed," the state said in the statement.

Syrian activists have confirmed recently that the Turkish authorities deported hundreds of Syrian refugees, especially in Istanbul, to the Syrian territory through the Bab al-Hawa crossing, after arresting them for reasons they considered flimsy.

The state called on all foreigners with residency rights in Istanbul to carry passports or temporary protection cards to show them to the security forces when asked.

"The travel permit document will be checked at airports, bus and train stations in Istanbul and all those who do not have travel authorization will be returned to their registered state," the statement said.

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