A Palestinian prepares to run for US Congress

A Palestinian prepares to run for US Congress

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Gaza Post/Gaza


Palestinian Rashad Darwish from the town of Beitin, east of the city of Ramallah, is preparing to run for the Democratic Party primaries to become the party's candidate for Congress from Illinois.


During this period, candidate Darwish is conducting tours and meetings within the state to gain support  to be the Democratic Party candidate to current Congressman Dan Lubinsky for the third district congressional elections in the state.

Darwish met with the Palestinian-American Council in Chicago to support his candidacy, discuss his reform program, support communities and minorities, and involve the community in political life through voting in the elections as a right to choose their candidates and representatives in Congress and decision-making institutions.

The council announced its support for Darwish and called for the mobilization of members of the Palestinian and Arab communities to stand behind him and support his campaign launched in May.

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