What happens to your body when you increase vitamins?

What happens to your body when you increase vitamins?


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Vitamins are the most important nutrients for body functions, but excessive intake of anything including beneficial ingredients is counterproductive. Because many vitamin supplements are available, and some try to compensate for the fatigue sensation caused  by supporting the body with these nutrients, the dose may be exceeded. Some also provide supplements to prevent disease, and an unwanted increase occurs.

There are certain vitamins that should not be over-addressed:

  • Vitamin A: You can get this vitamin from vegetables, orange fruits, liver, red meat and fish. When increased body level occurs: headache, rashes, dizziness, increased internal pressure, liver cells are damaged by high toxicity level.
  • Vitamin D: The common complaint about Vitamin D is lack of it, but may increase as a result of frequent exposure to sunlight. The increase of vitamin D increases calcium accumulation in the body, increases blood pressure and increases heartbeat. Vitamin increase also leads to decreased appetite, low weight, headaches, and kidney cells may be damaged.
  • Vitamin C: vitamin "C" effects threaten body safety; diarrhea, dizziness and abdominal contractions occur, and with time accumulates kidney stones.
  • Vitamin E: This vitamin is essential for immune functions, preventing blood clots. But excessive intake increases bleeding in the case of wounds, and increases the risk of cancer. You cannot increase your body level by eating, but when taking supplements containing this vitamin, so consult your doctor before taking vitamin E supplements.
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