The Lion King

The real story of the Disney movie "The Lion King"

The real story of the Disney movie "The Lion King"
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Disney Studios is looking to control the revenues of the world box office by releasing the live version of its animated movie "Lion King" in cinemas around the world, with expectations that the film, adapted from the classic "Lion King" story, will continue its series of repeated successes.

Despite the widespread popularity of the film, which has been on the throne for many years, many of its followers may not know that the main story revolving around the events of the film, is really based on real facts dating back to African history before European colonialism.

The story of the Lion King goes back to the African leader Sonadata Keita, nicknamed the "Lion of Mali", historically known as the "King of the Lion" and the rule of the West African Empire, stretching from the Atlantic coast to the Niger River from 1235 to 1255, and the richest empires, which reached the maximum strength and prosperity under the son of his older sister, "Mansa Moussa."

The strength of Sandita, as a recognized leader of his people and a symbol of the Mandinga championships, has aroused the resentment of his half-brother Duncan Turman and his mother, who was constantly planning to take the throne for himself. His persistent machinations prompted Sandita and his mother to flee for fear of their assassination before returning to liberate his people after they fell under the rule of the oppressor king.

A number of travelers and historians, notably Ibn Battuta, confirmed the authenticity of the king's account of the lion and his rule, in relation to the Sundayata era, during his trip to Mali about 100 years after the death of Sundayata, according to a Washington Post article.

The film "Lion King" is expected to generate revenues of over $ 150 million.

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