Fireworks and shootings in Gaza sky in celebration of Tawjihi students' success

Tawjihi students in Palestine, 2019

Tawjihi students in Palestine, 2019

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Gaza Post - Gaza

Rewaa Abu Helow

Citizens of Gaza are celebrating on Thursday with fireworks and shooting in the air after the publication of the Tawjihi high schools' exams results.

Following the announcement, cities and towns erupt with fireworks and parades of celebrating students who passed the exams.

The celebrations were carried out despite a warning by Hamas Interior Ministry in which threatened that those who fired festive gunshots or fireworks would be taken in for questioning and would be charged with fines.

The entrance exam, called the Tawjihi, determines not only whether a student will be permitted to enroll in university, but will also limit their selection of majors and classes.

The Tawjihi has been part of the Palestinian schooling system for years. In the West Bank, the exams started when the area was under Jordanian administration, and in Gaza, students began taking the tests in the 1990s when the Palestinian Authority took over administration of the area from Egypt.