Medical supplies are running out of Gaza Hospitals

Health: Gaza Hospitals are facing unprecedented shortage of Medical supplies

Medicine shortage in Gaza hospitals

Medicine shortage in Gaza hospitals

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Gaza Post - Gaza

Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza is facing an unprecedented shortage of essential medical supplies, according to a press statement for the ministry issued on Tuesday.

The statement stated that the medical crisis in hospitals and health facilities is the hardest during the long years of Gaza blockade.

"The ministry’s annual requirement of medicines and medical supplies amount to $40 million, however, during the first half of 2019, only $10 million was available for medicines and medical supplies." the statement added.

"The shortage deprived 50% of patients in the Gaza Strip of treatment." the ministry said.

Accordingly, Gaza Health Ministry has called on all parties to take urgent and effective measures to provide essential medicines for patients with cancer, blood diseases, kidney failure, neurological and psychological illnesses as well as chronic diseases.