War of Gaza

The wars of Gaza are a continued sever physical wound... Who is in charge?

Rawan Alkafarna

Rawan Alkafarna

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Rawan Alkafarna

It's clear how much suffering the Palestinian lives in Gaza Strip because of the wars it has experienced since the year 1818 to the present day. How many casualties, dead and homeless people have been left, and how much they have come on the ground, trees and stone.

Perhaps all this happened and ended ..

It can be forgotten or co-exist with him as any action happened in the past despite his cruelty and repetition, especially those events associated with the anniversary of the martyrs killed by the Zionist war machine, which did not pity any small or large and did not respect the inviolability of civil.

But the worst that these wars and fighting tours have left for 11 years is the psychological factor and the fear of the next unknown. Palestinian citizens of Gaza Strip must prepare themselves every day for a new war or a new escalation in which one may lose or perhaps leave himself and his children For fear of the next.

In an assessment conducted by the UNICEF-led Task Force on Child Protection in Gaza Strip, it was estimated that 100 per cent of the children surveyed had changed their behavior as a result of the psychological anxiety they experienced during the war. The most common changes included involuntary urination, Unusual crying, and showing hostile behavior, especially among males.
To date, it is estimated that one in four children in Gaza needs psychosocial support (225,000)
While the war also left women with a state of heart, depression, behavioral imbalances and constant fear of repeated incidents of violence and mass murder, as happened in several massacres committed by the occupation.

We agree that what has happened will not be completely completed or that the effects of the trauma will be eliminated. Rather, they can be mitigated by increasing interest, establishing constructive dialogue and dialogue so as to restore confidence in their surroundings, giving them a logical explanation of the reality they have found and giving it its true size. This is what can help alleviate the trauma and get out of it with the least possible psychological harm. This message is directed at the international organizations with the first two pillars to oblige the occupation not to carry out any military operations against civilians in Gaza Strip and the second is urgent and rapid action to provide the psychological, moral and material support for these victims And enable them to get out of this psychological trauma caused by the occupation and its ugly practices on the ground.