As part of Israel-Hamas truce understandings

Israeli Shin Bet rejects 5,000 Gazans' work permits

Israeli Shin Bet rejects 5,000 Gazans' work permits

Palestinian workers show their permits and IDs to Israeli Border Police as they head back to

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Gaza Post – Gaza

Israeli Shin Bet has rejected a plan to allow five thousand Palestinians from the Gaza Strip to work in occupied Palestinian territories [Israel], according to Ynet News.

Ynet News reported on Tuesday that there had been secret talks between Israel and Hamas to allow five thousand Palestinian workers from Gaza to work in Israel as part of the truce understandings.

An Israeli security official told Ynet News that people in Gaza would prefer to work in Israel over to dig tunnels in Gaza.

"They will earn about 3,5000 shekels monthly in comparison to about 1,000 shekels they can earn in Gaza- if they have jobs." The official added. 

"Any flare-up will, of course, mean the closing of the crossing border. But today they are in a spot where they have nothing to lose."

Despite the support of the Israeli civil administration and the Israeli army to give work permits for Gaza workers, Shin Bet insists on its position, claiming that Hamas would exploit the workers and use them to collect information or smuggle weapons.

"Israel has no presence inside the Gaza Strip like what is happening in the occupied West Bank, and thus can’t make immediate arrests of "terror suspects" if it needs to." Shin Bet said, according to Ynet News.

Source: MEMO

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