A Day in Th Country

"A Day in The Country" Chekhov .. Soon in Arabic

"A Day in The Country"  Chekhov .. Soon in Arabic
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The Arabic translation of the novel "A Day in The Country" by the famous Russian writer Anton Chekhov will soon be released from Afaq Publishing House translated by Yousef Nabil into Arabic.


On the cover of the novel: "In addition to Anton Chekhov's extensive fame in the field of short stories, he is considered one of the geniuses of the short story as well as one of Anton Chekhov's dossiers.



“Chekhov began to work on this novel in February 1896 and ended it in July of the same year. Chekhov's influence on Tolstoy's philosophy was greatly influenced by his work. He also included some material from Chekhov's real life, and most importantly, Chekhov's terrible ability to analyze his characters and to penetrate them into deep depths.”

According to the publishing house, the work is focused mainly on the struggle of a young man growing up in the midst of a false society and his attempts to maintain his ideal amid a corrupt world, and the consequent sense of loneliness and a terrible war.

Anton Pavlovich Chekhov (1860-1904) is a Russian doctor, playwright and major Russian novelist who is regarded as one of the best short story writers in history and one of Russia's greatest writers. He has hundreds of short stories, many of which have been considered classic works of art, That his plays had a great influence on the drama of the twentieth century.

Chekhov began writing when he was a student at Moscow University's medical school. He did not leave writing until he became one of the greatest writers. He also continued his medical career and said, "Medicine is my wife and my literature is my mistress."


Yousef Nabil, is an Egyptian writer and translator born in 1987, graduated from the Faculty of Al-Alsun (Russian Language Department) in Cairo in 2008. He translates from Russian into English, and has translated Twelve works:

 "A boy with Christ at the Christmas tree "For Vyodor Dostoevsky," For Disobedience and Other Essays "by Erich Fromm," Life Road "by Liev Tolstoy," White Guard "by Mikhail Bulgakov, and" Tales from Odessa "by Isaac Babel.

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