Fiber protects pregnant women from diabetes and pre-eclampsia

Fiber protects pregnant women from diabetes and pre-eclampsia
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Pregnant women should eat more fiber-rich foods, according to a new study. The intestine breaks the fibers and produces nutrients that support immunity.

In addition to reducing inflammation, dietary fiber helps facilitate the output, reducing the amount of sugar and salt entering the bloodstream through the intestinal wall.

According to the study conducted at the University of Sydney and published in the journal "Nature Coordination" that the benefit of reducing inflammation in the body of the pregnant positively reflected on the body of the fetus also has a level of inflammation in it.

The study says that eating high-fiber foods reduces the risk of hypertension in pregnant women by 10 percent. This protects against pre-eclampsia.

Fiber also helps to avoid excessive weight gain and to prevent high blood sugar levels after meals.

Fiber is found in vegetables, pulses, whole grains, fruits and nuts.

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