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“ The woman who fell to Earth”.

 “ The woman who fell to Earth”.
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The woman who fell to earth, is the first episode of the 11th series of the British science fiction television program Doctor Who.


The story focuses on a group of people who come across a new alien threat together within Sheffield where they find themselves banding together with the recently regenerated Doctor, who has been separated from her time machine TARDIS since the events of Twice Upon A Time.

While the group seek to understand the threat, they find themselves in danger as well and discover that the recently arrived aliens are planning a hunt upon a single human leading the Doctor to coordinate an attempt to save everyone from danger.

This episode is the first to be led by Chibnall, alongside executive producers Matt Strevens and Sam Hoyle after Steven Moffat and Brian Minchin stepped down at the conclusion of the 10th series and marks the 3rd era of production in the revived series.

After the group are unsuccessful in preventing Tzim-Sha capturing him, the Doctor fully recalls her identity and confronts him. Ordering Tzim-Sha to release the human, she threatens to destroy his recall device and strand the Stenza on Earth upon his refusal. Tzim-Sha responds by detonating the DNA bombs, but the Doctor reveals she transferred them back into the coils, which the Stenza unknowingly self-implanted while downloading its data. As the Doctor throws the recall device at Tzim-Sha to return him to his planet, Grace dies as the result of falling from the crane while successfully destroying the coils. Following Grace's funeral and a change of clothing, the Doctor builds a teleporter to reach the TARDIS. She bids the others farewell, only to inadvertently bring them with her into deep space.

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