Churches in Jerusalem

Churches of Jerusalem are united in preserving the real estate and identity of the Christian Quarter in the Old City

Churches of Jerusalem are united in preserving the real estate and identity of the Christian Quarter in the Old City
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Gaza Post/Gaza

Jerusalem 11/7/2019.


Patriarchs and heads of Churches in Jerusalem organized a mass march in Jerusalem's Bab al-Khalil today, followed by a visit to Orthodox real estate which is threatened by the Israeli Ateret Cohanim settlement.


The march was headed by the Patriarchs, heads of churches, the high priests and priests from the headquarters of the Patriarch of Jerusalem and His Beatitude Theophilus III.


 The march took place in a majestic procession which also included juridical figures and leaders. A number of followers of Zionist faiths tried to disrupt the group prayer, but the participants managed to confront them and thwart their attempt to approach the site.

 After that the march went to the Petra Hotel and returned to the Imperial Hotel where a meeting was held with media personalities and legal leadership figures.


The meeting was opened by His Beatitude Theophilus III, whereas he expressed the unity of the churches in defending the ecclesiastical real estate and the authentic Christian character of the Christian Quarter in the Old City.

 He warned of the predicted dangers success of extremist settlers in the seizure of the real estate of Umar ibn al-Khattab, confirming that they will not allow this happening no matter what it will cost them.


“We cannot remain silent in the face of threats towards our holy places. We are not afraid of using all legitimate means to prevent this”, he said.



He continued ,"We call upon all Christians of the world to join us in prayer, and we call upon all brothers and sisters to gather in September 2019 for the World Day of Christian community Prayer to preserve and protect the Christian community in the Holy Land”.

From his side, Abu Al Waleed Al Dajani, tenant of the Imperial Building, said that they have been cooperating with His Beatitude Theophilus III for 15 years in order to protect the real estate of Omar bin Al Khattab Square in Bab Al-Khalil.

“I would like to thank His Beatitude for his efforts and respect for his determination in dealing with these properties” said Al-Dajani.

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