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Israel denies detained Palestinian children's right to education

Israel denies detained Palestinian children's right to education

Palestinian children held in Israeli jails

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Gaza Post – GAZA

Palestinian children from Jerusalem held in Israeli jails are subjected to a deliberate policy to de-educate, according to prisoner's rights subject Addameer.

Addameer reported that over 800 Palestinian children from Jerusalem were arrested in 2018.

Palestinian children including those held in Israeli jails have the right to education, stated Addameer. Adding, "This right is denied by Israeli authorities.

Palestinian children typically get a range of 20 hours a week of classes, compared to an average of 35 hours in regular schools, the organisation reported. “Most of the time the classes do not meet the level of the child and at times children do not get any form of education in prison.” reported Middle East Monitor.

Addameer and TDH Italy conducted interviews with Palestinian children from occupied East Jerusalem, between September and December 2018, some while still in detention, others after they had been released.

The interviews showed that a quarter of the children “did not receive any education during detention”, while the others only received Arabic, maths and sometimes Hebrew classes.

Acknowledging that the research was “not necessarily representative of the entire juvenile prison population of Palestinian child detainees from occupied East Jerusalem,” Addameer stated that the documented cases nevertheless “present significant grounds which show that the right to education for children in Israeli prisons is undermined and to some extent denied.”

A contrast with Israeli child prisoners is also instructive. In Israeli prisons, taking the end of high school exam is not allowed for Palestinians, “though the prisoners do conduct it unofficially”.

“Israeli child prisoners held at Ofer,” however, “participate in a differentiated educational program that fully supports the emotional and academic needs of child detainees while preparing them to succeed in the Israeli matriculation exam.”

Source: Middle East Monitor

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