Palestinian Art

Palestinian Artist Showing Brutal Attacks Towards Ethiopian Jews in Tel Aviv

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Gaza Post/Gaza

Edited by: Asaad Al Beiruti

Translated by: Eman Tallouli

Activists on social media traded a video of the artist Ali Nasman, which shows a side of the brutal attacks against Ethiopian Jews in Tel Aviv on the background of race and color. The video has been admired by Palestinians and was circulated cross all the country.


In an interview with Nasman he said to Gaza Post that this video reflects the extent of Israel's oppression against the black population, at time Israel claims that it is a state of democracy and freedom.


He added that no matter how much Israel claims democracy and humanity, it still practices racism even against Jews themselves, meanwhile they are practicing what is more severe and racist against Palestinians.


Nisman pointed out that the scenes on the ground seen by the world show the size of the Israeli hatred towards black people at time while distinguishing between them and the white which is obvious through different walks of life and jobs whereas Israel is divided into East and West where all of them hold the grudge against each other.


"I know that this video will reach every Palestinian and Israeli house, especially since it is in Hebrew and Arabic language, which will deliver our message. Israeli government has done its greatest efforts to prevent publishing the video parallel with tensions in Tel Aviv.” Nasman said.

In the same context, Nasman said that the video included scenes showing the Ethiopian killed by Israeli soldiers, while Palestinian resistance in Gaza is capturing the Ethiopian prisoner, “ Abraham Mengistu” in the light of lies claimed by Israeli government to escape from its responsibilities towards Mengistu.

He promised that more and more upcoming works and videos will appear to deliver Palestinians’ national message.