No for the Deal of the Century

Kushner admits the failure of Bahrain Workshop

Kushner admits the failure of Bahrain Workshop


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Gaza Post – Gaza

US Senior Secretary of American President Donald Trump, Jared Kushner, has implicitly admitted the failure of Bahrain workshop that aimed at settling the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, Haaretz reported on Sunday.

The newspaper mentioned that Kushner confirmed during a call with some Arab and Israeli journalists that the economic plan and the deal of the century can be achieved only if the Palestinian leadership approves its items.

Trump's son-in-law renewed his criticism of the Palestinian leadership, implicitly recognizing that the latter succeeded in thwarting its efforts to market the deal of the century.

"There was a large gathering of businessmen and representatives of international companies, and there were many of those who wanted to attend," he said, stressing that $ 28 billion would be invested in West Bank and Gaza out of 50 billion allocated for carrying out the deal of the century.

Kushner reconfirmed that these billions won't be used for investment unless the Palestinian leadership changes its ways, indicating that there were no confirmed results for the financial investment of the Palestinians in the past.

"Despite the unprecedented Palestinian attack on Americans, the doors of the White House are still open to the Palestinians and their leadership, Kushner stressed out.

The Bahrain Economic Workshop concluded its activities on June 25 and 26 under a comprehensive Palestinian boycott, confirming that it was the first step to implement the American Deal of the Century.

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