Palestinian businessmen call on Israel to allow shipment of raw-material in Gaza

Palestinian businessmen call on Israel to allow shipment of raw-material in Gaza

goods shipment entering Gaza

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Gaza Post - Gaza 

 The Gaza-based Palestinian Businessmen Association (PBA) Gaza, demanded Israel on Saturday to lift the ban imposed on raw-materials shipment to the Gaza Strip that are needed to boost the industrial sector. 

Ali Hayek, PBA Chairman said in a press statement that “more than 500 various types of raw-material needed to boost economic and industrial sectors are banned by the Israeli occupation.

“It is necessary to lift this ban that has been going on since 2007 in order to revive and boost the Palestinian economy in the Gaza Strip, thus fighting the economic and humanitarian crisis,” he said.

Hayek went on saying that “The productivity in all sectors has declined to more than 52% over the past few years, and there are nearly 300 thousands unemployed people in the Gaza Strip.”

On Friday, Israel declared lifting the ban on the shipment of more than 18 kinds of raw-materials to the Gaza Strip. Those materials included agricultural fertilizers, and steel nets used in fishing, according to Voice of Israel radio station.

Israel imposes a tight blockade on the Gaza Strip, a home for 2 million Palestinians. The Israeli blockade has been imposed on the enclave right after Hamas movement had violently seized control of the territory.  

Egypt, the United Nations, and Qatar brokered a calm understanding between Hamas and Israel, where the latter conditioned the calm achieved in Gaza with easing the tight measures it imposed and improve the humanitarian situation in the enclave.

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