Eldest Palestinian Driver

94-year-old Palestinian is still doing his job as driver

94-year-old Palestinian is still doing his job as driver

Palestinian driver Muhammed Abu Madi

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Gaza Post – West Bank

Written by/ Rewaa Abu Helow 

The eldest Palestinian driver in Palestine, this is what Muhammed Abu Madi has always been named.

Muhammed Hassan Abu Madi, aged 94 years old, from the occupied West Bank city of Selfiet, is the oldest Palestinian driver in this city and maybe in whole Palestine.

He received his first driving license in 1944 at the time of British Colonization about 75 years ago from now.

"I have been holding my driving license since 1944 when we had been governed and occupied by the British Mandate." Abu Madi told Gaza Post.

"At those times, I used to drive my car and pick passengers up to different cities such as Beirut and Amman." Abu Madi continued recalling those memories.

"I also used to transfer boxes of fruit and citrus and sell them in Jaffa and other cities." The Palestinian elder man said. Adding, " Selfeit city was known for apricots and apples. Its people used to export it out of the city."

Abu Madi has been the ideal driver who has never violated the traffic instructions and rules, said people living in his neighborhood. 

"It is my hobby in life," he happily described his job.

Proudly he added, "I always tell the passengers that I pick up about heritage and history of Palestine. It is my best passion."

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