Palestinian Economy in face of Colonialism

Detaching Economy from Political Solution Will Not Bring Peace to Palestinians

Palestinian ambassador to Britain Hussam Zamelat

Palestinian ambassador to Britain Hussam Zamelat

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Gaza Post – Britain

"Attempts of detaching economy from political solution will not bring peace and prosperity for Palestine," Palestinian ambassador to Britain, Hussam Zamelat, said in a press statement.

Zamelat said in a statement delivered during the British-Arab Economic Summit in London, " Palestine can play a prominent role in supporting trade and investment between Britain and the Arab region.


"Technology and abundance of skills, human sources, and competencies are among the most important things Palestine can offer, in addition to its location and proximity to Europe and Africa." Palestinian ambassador added.

As he pointed out that the Palestinian economy doesn't face problems in term of resources, though, it confronts occupation, colonialism, blockade, and barriers that hinder the foreign trade.

"Meanwhile, Israel has been stifling the Palestinian economy by imposing systematic procedures to maintain its dependency." The ambassador went on saying.

"For 27 years, the world has tried to prefer economy on politics," he said, referring to the US-administration attempts to turn the Palestinian cause into an only economic one throughout workshops and meetings such as the one held in Bahrain.

"Let's put an end for this deceit and solve the basic political issue first because it is the main obstacle that stands in the face of a successful Palestinian economy," Zamelat stressed out.

He added that the Arab World is full of potentials and innovations especially in the sectors of infrastructure, banking, financial services, and electronic commerce.

"These sectors can play a paramount role when Britain exists from the European Union." he concluded.