Urgent call for stopping violations in Jerusalem

Democratic Reform Party: Urgent session must be held to protect Palestinian sanctities

Democratic Reform Party: Urgent session must be held to protect Palestinian sanctities

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Gaza Post- Gaza

In a recent statement issued by Democratic Reform Party of Fateh movement, it warned of the grave consequences of the continuous excavations done by the Israeli occupation authorities in occupied Jerusalem.

The most recent of which was the recently-announced excavations in which they extended from the town of Silwan to the al-Aqsa Mosque.

The statement pointed out that all the Israeli occupation's activities in Jerusalem are illegal and prohibited according to international laws and resolutions that call Israeli authorities for not provoking the current situations in the occupied city.

The party slammed the US collaboration in the Israeli aggressive actions in Jerusalem as well as the collusion of the US administration, led by Donald Trump, with the Israeli government led by Benjamin Netanyahu.

One of the proofs on this collusion is the recent inauguration of a controversial tunnel in Jerusalem that was attended by US envoys; Friedman and Greenblatt.

Meanwhile, the statement called upon the leadership of Palestine Liberation Organization, better known as PLO, to hold an urgent session for the Security Council to discuss what must be done in response to the Israeli aggressive behaviors.

Also, Democratic Party called on the international community to shoulder its responsibilities towards Jerusalem, its people, and its sanctities, indicating that the ongoing Israeli violations would fire up the situations and lead to grave results in which Israel would be the first to confront.    

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