Why do Jews leave Israel nowadays?

Why do Jews leave Israel nowadays?

Arabs and Jews in Palestine and Israel

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Recent statistics have shown that many Jewish migrants are leaving Israel nowadays in spite of all the temptations that are being offered by the Israeli government to occupy Palestinian territories and live here.  

These temptations and luring offers include money, jobs opportunities, housing, leisure for Jewish migrants.  

Israel has been always trying to hide the real figures of research centers and opinion polls regarding this migration, however, the truth was finally unveiled.

Also, the Israeli occupation has been always trying to erase Palestinians' identity and steal their culture. It, instead, Judaizes all the Palestinians' features and makes it "Jewish".

In spite of all these Israeli attempts, Palestinians remain steadfast and stand against this Judaization.  

The recent poll conducted in 2017 by the Midgam Institute, for the benefit of the “Israeli Journey” project of the Ministry of Education and the army, revealed that 27 percent of the Jewish population in Israel would emigrate from the country if they have the opportunity.Judaization

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