Iran and USA

Iran: We Have Our Own Special And Secret Weapon In Face Of Great Satan

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Iran-Gaza Post 

Iran's air defense chief, Amir Sabahi, warned the United States that Iran had its own secret weapon and would resist it, the official Tasnim news agency reported.

    Sabahi said on Wednesday, "America should never forget, and always warn that the military parade in front of the Islamic Republic has gone, because we have a secret weapon of our own only, and we will resist it," according to the agency.

    Sabbahi also explained that "the US forces stationed 200 miles into the sea was due to the military capability of the Iranian armed forces, the enemy knows very well that the Iranian readiness is not testable, and the first mistake committed will be the last mistake.” The Iranian “Tasneem” news agency reported. 

    He stressed that America is unreliable because it uses the policy of maximum pressure and the accumulation of military forces in the Persian Gulf and wants to impose their dirty intentions on the will of the Iranian people, knock the other hand drums of war, expand the scope of sanctions, and come to negotiate, after all this can be trusted in negotiations.

Written By: Tariq Rami al-Sharif