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Gaza Post/Gaza


Al Ayam:

  • A settlement group warning to evacuate the Imperial Hotel in Jerusalem and settlers demanding a halt to the construction of a new Palestinian city.
  • Under cover forces kidnap a Palestinian and his son in Yatta.
  • Postponing Egyptian Security delegation visit to Gaza.
  •  Four  Palestinian administrative prisoners begin an open hunger strike expecting more prisoners to join.
  • Israel: massive protests by Ethiopian Jews after one of them was killed by an Israeli policeman north of Haifa.

Al Hayat Al Jadeda:

  •  Israeli occupation forces detained a young man in  Shu ‘fat refugee camp and demolished a house and a park under construction north of Nablus.
  • UNESCO raises Church of the Nativity from a list of endangered World Heritage sites.

Al Quds:

  • A young Palestinian man injured after clashes in Shu ‘fat refugee camp.
  • 79 Israeli settlers and 3265 followers of "Zionist Christianity" break into Al Aqsa Mosque.
  • "UNESCO" proves the Church of the Nativity as a world heritage site and remove it from the list of endangered.
  • Starting of a new Israeli settlement establishment in "M’aale Adumim".
  • US-Russian-Israeli security meeting in Jerusalem.