Manama Conference

Let the Palestinian Arabs go, Trump says

American and Israeli Presidents

American and Israeli Presidents

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Gaza Post- Agencies

US President  Donald Trump has to take into consideration legal, voluntary and financially-assisted emigration from the Gaza Strip and the West Bank by calling on Jordan and Egypt to open their border crossings and grant residency status to "Gazans" and "West Bankers" who search for a better future for themselves and their families.

Such action is certainly justified following the rejection of Trump’s offer to inject US6.

5 billion dollars into the West Bank and the Gaza Strip with both Hamas and the PLO telling Trump they were not prepared to accept any financial assistance coming out of the Manama Workshop. 

Hamas purported to speak for the “Palestinian people” – a body politic invented in 1964  that last had a say in its own future in 2006:

Regarding Manama workshop, Hamas spoke for the Palestinian people, saying: "No one can represent the Palestinian people except the Palestinians themselves, who have never been unqualified to taking decisions related to Palestine. The parties and states meeting in Manama do not have any right or mandate to take decisions on behalf of the Palestinian people. Therefore, any resolution taken or stance adopted at the conference is null and void and does not represent the Palestinian people. Such decisions or positions are only desperate attempts to liquidate the Palestinian issue and do not represent the Palestinian people."

While Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas declared, "We say that national rights are not pieces of real estate that are purchased and sold and that arriving at a political solution that guarantees freedom, dignity, independence, and justice for our people must precede any economic programs or projects because that will create stability and security for everyone."

The unsolvable political situations in the Gaza Strip and the 'West Bank have been ongoing for the last 100 years. 

Gaza’s civilian population has paid a heavy price for the indiscriminate targeting of Israeli population centers with thousands of missiles and incendiary balloons.

US$16.5 billion proposed for projects in Jordan and Egypt - coupled with Trumps’ US$6.5 billion unexpended in Gaza – constitute a humanitarian lifeline for Gazan and West Bankers to migrate and enjoy far better lives than they currently have.

By/ David Singer