Trump Planning To Exclude Millions Of Muslims In America

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  US President Donald Trump has threatened to delay a planned US population census in 2020 because of disagreements over how to divide the districts, according to a Washington Post report.

    The newspaper pointed out that Trump sparked controversy about his way, where he wants to conduct a census of America in a way that leads to the expulsion of millions of Muslims, Latins and other minorities.

    The latest census estimates from the 2017 American Community Survey show that 61% of America's total population is white, but that ethnicity accounts for 68% of the total voting age population.

    On Thursday, the US Supreme Court decided to temporarily suspend the question of nationality from the 2020 census, but the decision has so far supported Adiri's decisions from lower courts, the opinions of dozens of prosecutors, professional associations, former census directors. The census, who all believe that adding a question about nationality will result in a flawed census, exclusion of a large segment of citizens born abroad, and Muslim, Latin and Asian ethnicities.

    As a result, they will be deprived of government resources and will lose their political influence.

    However, US Trade Secretary Wilbur Ross insisted that adding the question to enforce the right to vote law, which states that citizens of different ethnic groups must be taken into account when demarcating legislative constituencies, conducted by the US Census Bureau has long been sufficient for this purpose.

    "If the Supreme Court reaches a final decision, later this summer or even this fall, is in the interest of the current administration, some states may try to change the rules of drawing the legislatures from" Voice to Every Citizen to Voice per citizen of the age of election.” 

    She also pointed out that the availability of data on the status of citizenship of each individual in this form may tempt states that are subject to Republicans to demarcate legislative districts based on the census of citizens with legitimate electoral votes - citizens aged 18 and above - rather than on the basis of the total population, as they are now.

    "As a result, all constituencies in any sweeping White House state will be overwhelmingly majority, which will provide a means of more fraud that will benefit Republicans more than previously possible," the newspaper paper reported.

    In a previous case, the Supreme Court ruled in 2016 to allow states to use the grand total of the population census to demarcate legislative districts, but did not allow the use of an electoral vote, they left the door open. This prompted the supporters of the question of nationality to press the administration to add it to the 2020 census.

    According to the American newspaper, the real reason for trying to include the late addition to the census on the question of nationality is due to the desire to gain political advantage for Republicans in the long term by making more circles appear to have a white majority than it actually is,  The proportion of whites increases in the proportion of the population with the right to vote for their proportion in the total population, which includes large segments of immigrants who do not have the right to vote.

    Whites represent the voting bloc of Republicans, especially in conservative states, while minority groups usually give their votes more to Democrats.

    This strategy was proposed in the internal notes on the subject between Wilbur Ross and Steven Kevin Bannon, anti-immigrant receptionist, and Chris Kubac.

    The newly discovered contacts between Thomas Hoofler, who before his death was a specialist in electoral manipulation and the Justice Department, explicitly stated that adding the question of nationality would be in the interest of Republicans and non-Hispanic whites, indicating that this method would eliminate 9 million people from the 2020 census.

    The newspaper said the next few months would be difficult, and the "voice for every citizen" rule of demarcation is likely to face challenges from Republican-ruled states in the hope that they will keep their constituencies whiter and older than their population.

    But the good news is that those younger, more diverse populations will soon become part of the entity's policies, and all branches of government will recognize that the future of the nation must not be ignored.  Demographics.”

Written By: Tariq Rami al-Sharif